We offer services that cater to your business’ journey and technology transformation. From Agile and Salesforce to Staff Augmentation, our team of experts are here to help you reshape your business and ensure your team builds the best future. Our strategy is to truly understand the requirement, problem, and challenge then provide expert personnel.


We are a Salesforce partner helping organizations implement and transform. Our team are experts in the financial industry. CORE has supported the largest financial institutions in Canada with their Salesforce journey. From Wealth Management to Capital Markets — we’ve helped with custom lighting development and data migrations.


We provide out-of-the-box, fully customized CRM solutions that your staff will actually want to use.


Coming from a legacy CRM – data migration can be the most challenging part of a new platform. With CORE’s experts and architects, CORE can design and implement a completely seamless implementation

Managed services and staff augmentations

CORE can assist with fully managed services or client-controlled augmentation. No matter how hands-on or off CORE is, our resources are hand-selected from our roster of fully vetted, and certified Salesforce professionals. Our resources go through an extremely intense sourcing process so that only the finest Salesforce professionals will be placed on your team.


From organizations that haven’t heard of Agile to organizations that have established practices, CORE has been at the forefront of coaching and implementing Agile. We are one of the few firms that truly practices what we preach and doesn’t frown upon hybrid agility. We have found that using the Agile principles can be very effective for non-technical management, especially for smaller enterprises that can truly embrace agility and pivoting.


Effective learning, lasting results. Our 2-5 days boot camps are great for brand new “Agilests” or an excellent refresher to help your team act like one cohesive beehive.


Information is power. Find out what really is happening with your team, what is working and what should be improved. It is a great way to start a coaching plan!

CXO Education Courses

Communication is key. Build better relationships with your customers with our CXO courses. Find the bridge that unites management and customers, and learn from the experts on why to be Agile.


People come first. Coaching isn’t managing people, it is mentoring and guiding your team to be successful. Our goal is to give you the tools for a fully sustainable, self-managed team.


A small word with a lot of meaning. Defined as, “a collaborative approach to software development, testing and deployment”; in order to work, DevOps needs to be curated to your needs. That’s where we come in, as we help you with a detailed pipeline assessment, tool selection, cloud selection, and implementation, infrastructure as code & SecOps, ensuring we create a self-sufficient environment where everything works efficiently and provides results.

Professional Services

CORE has supported the largest financial institutions in Canada with their technology journey. Through staff augmentation, they allow companies to add specialized experts onto teams on-demand. ​​This provides the business with a necessary skillset, and it doesn’t require long-term commitments with specialized developers or onboarding/training talent, making the whole process efficient and cost-effective.

Why work with us


We have become the fastest growing firm because we care about our people, from our clients to our employees and subcontractors. We are one big family that believes in excellence in what we do.


We are a family-owned and run business. We believe in a family based approach, with trust and communication as our strongest asset. Our clients can feel the difference of the level of customer service that they receive. Not just a logo on a website and in a spreadsheet, but an integral part of our journey.


As a certified diversity supplier, we understand the need for inclusion in the workforce. We have many internal programs and resources to not just help our organization but to bring inclusion into your workforce as well.

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