At CORE, we believe that tech solutions start with hiring the right people. We work with experts to bring you long-term results by following the Agile Manifesto, and our integral practices, so your business can shine.

We Are
People first – technology will follow
Bridging the gap between people and technology
Founded on the pillars of knowledge, flexibility and care.

Our Founders

Keith Bumstead

Managing Partner

Keith Bumstead has more than 10 years experience successfully managing staff augmentation and professional services teams across the financial services sector. After becoming one of the most successful employees at one of Canada’s top IT staffing companies, Keith went on to run the Canadian operations for a multi-national technology consulting firm.

Following his passion for delivering exceptional on-demand staff augmentation and outstanding end-to-end solutions for their customer’s most challenging projects, Keith co-founded CORE Resources, a technology partner that provides superior broad-based IT staff augmentation services with particularly deep expertise in the areas of Agile, DevOps and Cloud.

Success hasn’t come easy for Keith; he has suffered from a lifelong disability that has been recognized by the Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC), and has enabled CORE Resources to become formally certified as a Diversity Supplier.

Between running CORE Resources and raising a family, Keith has made a commitment to give back to the community by seeking out opportunities to mentor and advocate for people with disabilities so that they too may be able to overcome adversity and create successful careers.

Ryan Atkinson

Managing Partner

Ryan Atkinson has been connecting employers with great candidates since 1998, having made thousands of successful placements throughout his career. He has run the full spectrum of the staffing industry, starting his career with a large Canadian staffing firm where he spent nine years honing his skills as both a Recruiter and Account Manager before moving on to start Redwood Global in 2007. After becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing firms in Canada, Redwood was purchased by SI Systems in 2014. After Redwood, Ryan and Keith Bumstead joined forces to create CORE from the bottom up. Ryan is an avid golfer and enjoys spending time with family and friends at the cottage.

Culture at Core

Other companies have a culture. We have a CORE. It’s a shared energy and a common purpose that invigorates our work and the time we spend together – in or out of the office.