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730% growth

We are the fastest growing technology consultancy firm in the industry, with 737% growth year after year.

Salesforce Partner

We curate the whole process using Agile, ensuring our partners receive a cohesive marketing strategy that drives results.

Inclusive Workplace

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone and are committed to making every work environment a safe, diverse and fair place.

A properly executed DevOps strategy can be the key to improving the workflow and efficiency of your teams. Instead of having people fall out of the loop when working separately, we implement an “infinite” workflow that keeps both development and operations teams on the same page. Our goal for efficient DevOps is to help teams work quicker and more synchronized when meeting deadlines and creating happy customers.

We help teams develop Agile principles as a way for them to develop software more efficiently. We believe that a set of Agile tools will help teams make the most informed decisions, especially when these values are outlined by the team themselves. Our goal is to help organizations become Agile by helping them constantly evolve their practices to respond to unpredictability while simultaneously delivering high-quality software development to their clients.

We’ve partnered with Salesforce to help teams implement and transform their business applications. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM hub that makes it easy to connect with customers, partners, prospects and more. Our goal is to help our clients find ways to operate Salesforce in the most efficient ways for their team, and to help everyone on those teams to feel comfortable enough with the platform to allow them to essentially work from anywhere.

Find your next specialist here. Our Staff Augmentation process gives organizations the ability to add specialists to their teams on an on-demand basis, without the need for a long-term commitment. This cost-effective solution of obtaining specific skillsets to temporarily add to your team allows your company to increase production capacity only when needed.



We are a team of tech-driven professionals who put people at the CORE of our business. We embrace Agile, helping organizations and projects transform with tech-focused services, and connecting you with the best talent available. At CORE, we provide the expertise of a solution-based company with the flexibility, human connection and affordability of a recruitment company — your tech is our people!

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