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No matter what stage you are at in your Agile journey, we can help you get there faster

Boot camps

From 2 - 5 days our boot camps are great for brand new agilests or a great refresher to help your team succeed


Find out what really is happening with your teams, a great way to start a coaching plan

CXO education courses

Your technical teams are doing "agile" but why.. is it even right for your organization?  Learn from the expert on why to be agile.


Coaching isn't managing people, it is coaching and mentoring your team to be successful. Our goal is to leave you with a self managing team 

core agile content


We have partnered with some brilliant Agilests, take a listen, look around, we are one phone call or click away!  Lets Chat


Chris Williams from Bad Ass Agile has created some unique  CORE Agile content to share with our CORE Agile customers and we think it's pretty amazing.  We believe it's about different prospectives, styles, and approaches.  Interested in more of Chris Williams videos, click here to sign up to our free Agile only distribution list. We'll be sending out content on hiring, best practices and everything Agile. We're excited to have you along on our journey. 

We are super excited to partner with Chris. His motivating style and no-nonsense approach is an easy listen and incredibly refreshing. If you are not listening to Chris' Podcast's you are missing out! 

Kanban- with Horia 

New for CORE Agile, we have partnered with Horia Balog to teach and train Kanban. You can't have too many tools in your box. 


Learn about Horia Balog



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